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Russian CH. & American CH. Call Me Sinner Stribrne Prani (Import)

Sire: Multi-Champion of many countries Zircon Stribrne Prani (Import)
Dam: Disney Magic Ohniva Reka

Breeder: Alena Bystrianska
Owner-Handler: GiGi Zybko

Post Bile Acid: 0.1

First weekend out Sinner takes breed over Champions for a 4 point major.
Love this adorable boy!
Sinner finishes with 4 majors!


Russian CH. & American CH. Brioni Laranta (Import)

Sire: Multi-Champion of several countries Royal Boutique Kamikaze
Dam: Euphoria's Afina Pallada (Import)

Breeder: P.S. Ruazantsev
Owner-Handled GiGi Zybko
Loved & Cared for by Angie Garner

Post Bile Acid: 0.1

This wonderful boy hit the ground running winning 5 shows in a row! Obtaining both majors for a total of 11 points! Going breed over a Champion several times. He is a joy to show! Beni finishes in 7 shows undefeated!


CH. Blumoon You've Been Trumped!

Sire: CH. GCH. Rosemark Feel The Earth Move
Dam: CH. Blumoon She Stings Like A Bee!

Breeder/Owner: Gigi Zybko
Add Loved & Cared for by Angie Gardner

Post Bile Acid: 0.1

Trump just starting his show career has 7 points with a major.
Trump picks up a Specialty BOW major from the Bred-By class!
This sound great moving little boy with a showy attitude has my heart!

New Champion finishing all from the BBE class!


Kiss Me Enigma

Sire: CH. More-Huana Largo Endless Joy (Import)
Dam: Kiss Me Graceful (Import)

Breeder Oksana Zoziashvili

Owners GiGi Zybko & Cathy Heiman

Cathy Heiman puts 4 points on this lovely girl, just starting out.


Blumoon Tell Me No Lies!

Sire: Ch. Tell Me The Truth Stribrne Prani
Dam: Ch. Blumoon Buzzin' Over To Catz

Owners-Breeders-Handled GiGi Zybko & Cathy Heiman

Post Bile Acid: 0.3

New to the show ring picks up a major.



CH. GCH. Blumoon Affair Of The Heart CD, CGC, RN, RA, RE, BN

Sire: CH. Blumoon Playing For Keeps!
Dam: CH. Blumoon Southern Hospitality!

A Blumoon Yorkshire Terrier with Brains & Beauty!
Terry has put titles on Paris on both ends making me so proud of the two of them.
Wishing them continued success.

Owner: Terry Stensland
Co-Owner/Breeder: GiGi Zybko

Mykee and Judy

Mykee Once In A Blumoon CD, RN, RA, RE, RAE, CGC

Sire: CH. Blumoon He's So Hot
Dam: CH. Blumoon Over Miami

Owner Judy Colvin
Breeder: Gigi Zybko

Cougar & Angie

Blumoon Clever Cougar CD

Sire: CH Goldenray Struttin' In Style
Dam: CH Blumoon Reality Check

Owner: Angie Gardner
Breeder: Gigi Zybko

Charm and Terry

CH. Blumoon Charm Of An Angel CGC, CD, RN, RA, RE

Sire: CH. Blumoon He's So Hot
Dam: CH. Blumoon Reality Check

Charm is the first Blumoon Yorkie to be titled at both ends!!!!!
Owners Terry Stensland and GiGi Zybko

Gone but never forgotten!


Blumoon Sweet-E-Nuff CD CGC

Sire: CH. Blumoon Tuff-E-Nuff
Dam: CH. Blumoon Green With Envy

Breeder: GiGi Zybko
Owner: Larry Hickle


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